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If you haven't had physiotherapy before and you are now having to embark on some physio in Auckland, you may be a bit unsure of what the process entails and how long it will take to help. Here is all you need to know about physio in Auckland.


Physiotherapy helps a person with an injury, disability or illness by getting them to embark on a programme of gentle movement and exercise. You may also be given advice and lifestyle recommendations to follow in order to aid your improvement.


When undergoing physio Auckland, you may be wondering how long it will take before you start to see results. The truth is, it depends on how bad your injury or health issue is.

In most cases, a mild or moderate condition should start to see improvement within 6-8 weeks. If your condition is more severe, then it may take 2-3 months before you start feeling the benefits.

However, like with many issues connected to health, not everyone will respond to treatment at the same rate. Here are some things that may influence your recovery whilst undergoing physio in Auckland.

1) Injury or Health Issue

Physiotherapy is used to encourage healing and tries to make sure that an injury or health issue heals correctly, ensuring maximum movement is regained once recovery has occurred.

If your injury is severe or if it is quite complex, then it may take longer to recover. If you have sustained nerve damage with your injury, this may also add to the time it takes to heal.

If you're having physio Auckland for a condition such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis, then physiotherapy cannot cure these conditions. In these circumstances, physio is normally part of a long-term treatment plan and will need to be taken regularly in order to keep your symptoms manageable.

2) Personal Commitment

Physio Auckland can really help you recover from an injury. However, if you aren't committed to your treatment then you may take longer to recover than if you dedicate yourself.

If you attend all your physiotherapy sessions and also regularly practice your exercises at home, then you have a good chance of making a quicker recovery. If you also make any lifestyle changes that are recommended to you, then this will add to the speed of your recovery.

3) The Physiotherapist

The expertise of your physiotherapist can make all the difference. A good physiotherapist can see where you're struggling and also pick up on any complications that may be present. They can adapt to your needs and respond to any problems you may be experiencing.

If you need an expert physio in Auckland then please get in touch. We can provide professional physiotherapists to ensure you have the maximum chance of a quick recovery.


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