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Trusted Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment

We pride ourselves on offering trusted care and professional service to our patients. If you would like to improve your lower back pain proactively with a physio clinic that truly cares, we have a range of treatments and care providers that can accommodate all your needs.

Lower back pain can be debilitating, especially when left untreated. For so many of our clients, physiotherapy is one of the first protocols that are recommended for the treatment of lower back pain, and with good reason. The reason why most types of lower back pain are referred to physio as their primary line of treatment is because it includes guided therapeutic exercises. These exercises are intended to help strengthen your lower back muscles and to help condition the spinal tissue and joints. 

These physio exercises are also designed to provide overall strength training and increase your flexibility. The key here is support and training for the entire kinetic chain, which includes body segment groups, muscles, and joints, all working together in order to perform various bodily movements. A lack of support and training can increase the risk of deterioration and, in extreme cases, physical disability.

therapeutic exercise

Reasons To Choose Physiotherapy For The Treatment Of Lower Back Pain

There are a number of goals associated with physiotherapy for lower back pain. Some of these short and long-term goals will include:

  • Decreasing painful symptoms and discomfort in the lower back region
  • Increasing the flexibility and range of motion within the spine
  • Improving the function of the lower back in order to complete daily tasks
  • Formulating a maintenance program designed to avoid and prevent future back problems or recurring issues

Come See Us For All Your Physio Needs

At On Point Physio Ltd., we swear by a client-centric approach. No treatment with our team is ever rushed or delivered without our patient's full understanding of their diagnosis as well as the relevant treatment plans. 

We believe in continuous education and training, which is why our team frequently re-educates and updates themselves through additional courses and seminars. We are here to help you on your journey to recover first and foremost, and we do that through a value-based and respectful relationship with our clients. 

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