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Shockwave Theorapy

How To Prepare For Your Shockwave Therapy Sessions

January 28, 2023

At On Point Physio Ltd., we use extracorporeal shockwave therapy in Auckland as a non-invasive treatment for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, tendinitis, and certain types of soft tissue dysfunction. 

Post Op Physio

The Benefits Of Post-Op Physio

December 28, 2022

If you’ve recently had a surgical procedure, then you will benefit greatly from post-operative physiotherapy. We here at On Point Physio Ltd offer post-op physio in Auckland to help you get back on your feet faster.

Dance Benefits For Physiotherapy

5 Ways Dancers Can Benefit From Regular Physiotherapy

July 27, 2022

Being a professional or competitive dancer is one of the most physically taxing roles out there. If you are a dancer yourself, or are close with any professional dancers, you’ll know all about the hard work involved as well as the toll that dancing can take on the body.

Shockwave Therapy

Our Latest Blog Entry

Debunking Myths About Shockwave Therapy

June 28, 2022

While shockwave therapy is a well-respected pain-relief treatment that physios around the world have used for years, the treatment is still very much misunderstood. 


Why Athletes And Performers Need A Good Physiotherapist

May 30, 2022

All of us should take good care of our bodies and ensure that we are in good health. But for performers and athletes, physical health is even more vital as they rely on their bodies for their professions, and any injuries could result in significant setbacks.

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