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Debunking Myths About Shockwave Therapy

While shockwave therapy is a well-respected pain-relief treatment that physios around the world have used for years, the treatment is still very much misunderstood. Many people feel hesitant about shockwave therapy because of the many myths and misconceptions surrounding it. But many of these people would probably be ideal candidates for shockwave therapy and benefit greatly from the treatment.

How much do you know about shockwave therapy? Here at On Point Physio, we offer shockwave therapy in Newmarket and in this article, we’ll be debunking six common misconceptions.

Myth #1 Shockwave Therapy Is Invasive

For some reason, many people assume that shockwave therapy is an invasive treatment when, in fact, the treatment is completely non-invasive. No pills need to be swallowed, and your skin is not broken during the procedure.

Myth #2 Shockwave Therapy Is The Same As Shock Therapy

Because of the very similar names, many people confuse shockwave therapy with shock therapy. But the two are very different. Shock therapy makes use of small electric currents, and, in most cases, the patient needs anaesthesia. Shockwave therapy, on the other hand, involves shockwaves, and no anaesthesia is needed.

Myth #3 Shockwave Therapy Is Only Used For Achilles Tendon

Because shockwave therapy is a popular and effective treatment for Achilles tendinopathy, many people believe that this is its only use. But this is simply not the case, as shockwave therapy treats damaged tissue, relieves pain, and much more. It even has application in men’s health, aiding treatments of erectile dysfunction.

Myth #4 Shockwave Therapy Is Only For Young Adults

While shockwave therapy may be more popular with younger adults, there is no age limit. Adults of all ages (including the elderly) could benefit from shockwave therapy. Many older people seem sceptical of the therapy, but this is probably because of the many unfounded myths and misconceptions.

Shockwave Therapy for Adults

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