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The Top 3 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a treatment rising in prominence and popularity in the world’s health-focused landscape. At On Point Physio in Auckland, we are one of the top providers of shockwave treatment in New Zealand, and are uniquely well-positioned to comment on the diverse shockwave therapy benefits.

Intrigued by this treatment and its various uses? Find out more about the top benefits, below.

1. Reduces Inflammation and Pain 

Through the use of high-energy acoustic waves transmitted into the body, shockwave therapy can effectively target sore and inflamed deep tissues of the body. It also allows for improved blood circulation in your tissues, resetting the body’s healing capabilities and reducing your pain. For conditions like shin splints, heel pain or Achilles tendinopathy, patients will notice a marked improvement in their range of motion and flexibility after a course of treatment. 

2. Quick Recovery Time 

The best thing about shockwave therapy is arguably the quick recovery time! Not only will you heal quicker from injuries or a chronic condition flare-up, the treatment itself doesn’t have prolonged or painful side effects that get you down, either. 

The most patients tend to experience is a slight redness after treatment which soon disappears. 

3. Customisable to Your Needs 

You might be confused as to how shockwave therapy can treat such a vast range of conditions – from strained neck and back muscles to sore elbow joints, recent wounds and even erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy benefits are almost limitless. It is a treatment customisable to your needs. 

The duration of the sessions, where on the body the treatment is focused, and how much acoustic power that needs to be used can all be altered. 

At On Point Physio, we carry out patient consultations prior to our therapies so we can create a customised plan for your shockwave treatment and ensure you get the most out of this effective treatment. 

To try shockwave therapy for yourself and alleviate any painful musculo-skeletal conditions, wounds, dysfunctions or tendinopathies that you have struggled with, consult with specialists at On Point Physio in Auckland. Thanks to our in-house experts, many of our patients have experienced brilliant shockwave therapy benefits. 

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