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The Benefits Of Post-Op Physio

If you’ve recently had a surgical procedure, then you will benefit greatly from post-operative physiotherapy. We here at On Point Physio Ltd offer post-op physio in Auckland to help you get back on your feet faster.

Let us take a brief look at some of the reasons why post-op physio is so beneficial.

Pain Management

After surgery, you’re likely to be in a fair amount of pain as your body recovers from the procedure. Depending on the type of surgery and the location of the surgery, you could have endured significant muscle and tissue damage from the scalpel, which will take time to come right.

The pain of this damaged muscle and tissue as it heals can be significant, often requiring an extensive pain management medication regime so you can cope. The problem with pain medication is that it is expensive and potentially addictive, not to mention loaded with potential side effects.

Post-op physio can help you manage the pain without the need for excessive amounts of pain medication, which ultimately is a much healthier path to recovery.

Regaining Control

After surgery, the affected area could suffer from severely limited motion, weakened muscles and impaired control. This weakness and lack of bodily control can leave post-op patients feeling demoralised and frustrated, as they are unable to operate as freely as they did before.

Post-op physio is essential for exercising the affected muscles so that they make a more thorough recovery. If these muscles are not properly exercised and regrown after surgery, they can atrophy and leave you permanently weakened, causing a permanent impairment of your motion and control.

Post-op physio will help you regain control over the affected parts of your body so that a full recovery might be possible.

Recover Safely

Without a physiotherapist to guide your recovery, you might do damage to the area that was operated on or cause the recovery to be skewed towards the wrong muscles. A physio will help guide your recovery by ensuring proper blood circulation is achieved to promote a full range of motion so that the right muscles can be loosened and reattached, and full recovery might be achieved.

The last thing you want to do when trying to recover from surgery is to hurt yourself further, which is why post-op physio is so helpful and necessary.

For expert post-op physio in Auckland, contact us at On Point Physio Ltd to make an appointment today!

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