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5 Ways Dancers Can Benefit From Regular Physiotherapy

Being a professional or competitive dancer is one of the most physically taxing roles out there. If you are a dancer yourself or are close with any professional dancers, you’ll know all about the hard work involved as well as the toll that dancing can take on the body. This is why dancers often seek out professional physiotherapists to assist them with reaching their dance goals, prevent injury, and keep them in optimal condition.

As a professional physio in Newmarket, we’ve had many dancers as clients, and we have seen first-hand the incredible results that they have achieved from regular physio!

Prevent Injury

Encountering an injury halfway through the competitive season can be absolutely devastating for dancers, and injuries have ruined careers in many cases. A physiotherapist can effectively assess risks and vulnerabilities and then find ways in which potential injuries can be prevented as much as possible.

Diagnose Dance-related Injuries

Physiotherapists can also diagnose any injuries that the dancer may be already sustaining. There are many injuries that are caused specifically by movements that have been repeated over and over again.

Support The Healing Process

Once a diagnosis has been made and the cause of the injury has been determined, the physiotherapist can create a plan of action to support the healing process so that the dancer can get back on track and back on stage as soon as possible.

Increase Strength And Precision

The success of a dancer relies quite heavily on how precise they are. Precision can be improved upon by understanding the body better and strengthening certain muscles. Increasing strength can also help the dancer maintain better form.

Enhance Stamina And Endurance

If you have ever tried out dancing, you’ll know just how tiring it can be. Dancers are expected to keep high energy at all times and not to let their exhaustion show on their faces. A physiotherapist can assist in enhancing stamina and endurance so that dancers can perform better for longer.

It is not just dancers that benefit from physiotherapy, but any type of athlete or sportsmen as well as people recovering from injuries and surgeries.

Are you looking for a reliable physio in Newmarket? At On Point Physio, we offer a wide variety of services, including assessment, diagnosis, treatments, therapies, follow-ups and more. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to book an appointment.


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