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3 tips to help ease your back pain

There’s nothing more frustrating or downright painful than lower back pain – it can be debilitating. But you aren’t alone, and there are methods for you to nip lower back pain in the bud.

On Point Physio can help when the pain does rear its ugly head, but you can combat lower back pain with these simple methods of prevention.

1) Lift things the correct way

It cannot be emphasised enough just how important it is to lift things in the correct manner. If you aren’t doing this, then frankly you’re asking for lower back pain. This especially applies to something heavy – bend your knees and lift with your legs rather than your back. One bad twist could be damaging. You may even want to get help if it’s too heavy.

2) Keep an eye on your posture

You may not even work a particularly arduous job in terms of the physical endeavours you go through, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to lower back pain. Lumbar supportive chairs are a must have in the modern office environment. They aren’t a luxury but a necessity for the comfort of you and your colleagues. Poor posture can have serious and painful consequences in the long run.

3) Go for a walk every now and then

Equally, if you work in a job that isn’t physically demanding, you should look to go for walks as often as possible whenever the opportunity arises. Our bodies are meant to be exercised regularly at least to some extent, so remaining static in the office for the entire day does you no good whatsoever. Equally, if your job is physically demanding, try not to overstretch yourself. Avoiding lower back pain is a case of meeting that balance.

Is your lower back pain holding you back? Give On Point Physio a call, or drop us an email if your pain is causing you undue stress or preventing you from living a normal life. We’re here to get you back to your best and make sure your lower back pain doesn’t come to define your life.

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